Carrot Catcher: Ruby

By: Sasha Valeria, based upon the work done by Emerson "Em" Decarat

Little game re-written in Ruby as a proof of concept, as well as being just "something to do", this is not the best game.

What it is though, is a nice time sink that'll get you coming back every time you die. It'll engage you, it'll make you scream at your computer, grit your teath, generally all that stuff that makes you want to rage at the game, and then come back 5 minutes later.

All with a concept as simple as catching carrots, and running from rats and bats that'll try to take them from you, while avoiding giant rhinos just meandering around a washed out green wasteland.

You may ask yourself, "Why are the carrots raining from above?" or "Why do the rats and bats want them?" or "Why do I want them?", or even "WTF is the rhino about?!"

There are no answers to these questions. There likely never will be. Play the game. It's free. There's no reason not to.

Having said that, windows might be like "yo this is weird do you wanna run it?" If that does happen, just click 'more info' and then 'run anyway'. It's just windows firewall being pissy that it's not signed and all that. Promise there's no virus nor spyware here.

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Carrot Catcher: Ruby
Carrot Catcher: Ruby-Multiplayer