Sasha Valeria the Nonbinary Vampire.

This is my personal Sasha Valeria. Nonbinary coder and writer, I do random stuff when I have time.

I made Slorp bot on discord, they're really helpful.

My discord handle is Капитан Саша Валериа#2002 if you want to DM me or something.

I make about 0 dollars from doing work, at the moment. Mostly because I'm really focused on school, but also simply because doing writing commisisons is suprisingly hard. If you want to donate at my kofi that would be awesome!

In the same vain, my coding work is mostly supported (though not at all currently, that's where the plug comes in) by my Patreon! If you like me, what I do, or just feel generous, either method of monitary support would be greatly appriciated!

ATM this is it, but maybe come back later when I'm not doing as much school work and this is more built up